The team and what they stand for

Imm Thai Fusion is home to a group of people who share common goals and values. We pursue on-going personal/professional development in order to deliver good food and warm hospitality for our customers and community. Here are a number of faces behind the story.

Imm Thai Fusion – Chef Team (both Wimbledon and Beckenham)

From left to right: Visut, Mana, Zine, Sathit, Net, Oh

Imm Thai Fusion – Floor and Chef Team with Management

Top left to right: Visut, Mana, Zine, Sathit, Net, Oh

Bottom left to right: Suksun, DeeDee, Panya, Mam, Siri

About our Team Members


Nicked name by us, the Artist Chef, Visut has the art background having graduated from one of the top art schools in Thailand. He uses his creativity to create new dishes both for our customers and his colleagues. One of his creation brought to our menu was Deep Fried Sea Bass in Tumeric Sauce which we strongly recommend you try. Visut is currently working on his dolls collection.


One of our partner chefs. Called by us “Mana of all trades”, Mana has great range of skills on top of his cooking skill. He can make tools and equipments from thrown out items and fix most things that are broken. If you visit our Wimbledon branch, you will notice one of his inventions where a wine cock was used in lady’s bathroom. In his leisure time, if the kitchen is not too busy, he will come out to work front house and enjoy his time with our customers. To put the show of coffee flambé is one of his favourite tasks in the restaurant.


Another partner chef at imm Thai Fusion. Zine is our agile Starter Chef who has very good eyes for details. She is very skilled at multi-tasking around starter prep area and is very talented in crafting decoration for her starter dishes. She is also very good at ensuring good presentation of our other dishes. As a hobby, Zine has an interest in clothing and fashion. She also sells nice clothes via her Facebook as a business in her spare time.


Experienced chef having worked in the UK for nearly 20 years and had experience from top hotels in Thailand, Sathit is who Imm Thai Fusion can rely on when it comes to experience. He could turn anything into tasty food that even satisfies our friends and visitors from Thailand (who have come to UK on vacation). Outside of work, he likes excitement of playing card games and snooker with friends and colleagues.


Net is also a partner chef at imm Thai Fusion. He creates and cooks both starters and main dishes. Net is good at ensuring food are cooked to a good standard and look presentable for our customers’ appetite. Net and his wife run a Home-Made Thai Ice-Cream business whose ice creams are also available in our restaurants. If you step into the door of our Beckenham branch and looks to the right, you will find selections of Net’s home-made ice-cream on show.


Oh is health concerned chef. When t comes to health concerns, we can assure you that he cares for your food as much as his own. We try to continuously take his ideas and inputs to enhance the healthy side of our food served to our customers. Outside of work, Oh likes playing snooker and also invests in stocks and shares. We do get some investing tips from him also.