How we started

Imm Thai Fusion started in August 2015 with an intention to bring authentic Thai food as well as some of our neighbour dishes, the way Thai would like it, to Wimbledon community. We hope to offer a comfort space where people can come and relax with nice food and good drinks and enjoy our hospitality, all of these with a value for money. The founding team also looks to create a platform from which we could nurture and showcase the skills and passion of our team members that would contribute for the better of our society.

Throughout our journey, it became obvious to us that our restaurant has not only produced delicious food, we have also developed a happy team who enjoy serving and taking pride of their responsibilities. And now, not only imm Thai Fusion wants to safeguard and improve its standard, we look to share the ownership with our staff who, in turn, share Imm Thai Fusion’s original values. This is how our Beckenham branch was originated.

Why called “Imm Thai Fusion”

“imm” means “full” (or not Hungry) in Thai. It is a common adjective that Thais use in conjunction with other words such as body and heart. The meaning of imm aligns with our intention for our customers to leave our restaurants full, not only in the stomach but also in their personal experience and feeling. The word “Fusion” at the end has a sense of being closely knitted. It allows us to extend our creativity into making choices of our special menus from our neighbor countries like Vietnam, Laos, or even Japan in Thai style.